2018 Hire Charges

All prices include delivery, set up and collection.

Audio Options

1). The Basic DJ System - for small venues up to 50 guests. Comprising CD Mixing Console, iPod Dock, laptop lead, Mic, Small stereo Amp with 2 Small speakers = £90

2). The Standard DJ System - for events with around  50-80 guests. Comprising of a CD Mixing Console, iPod Dock, laptop lead, Mic, Medium size stereo Amp with 2 large speakers = £110

3). The Premier DJ System – for events up to 150 guests. Comprising DJ CD Mixing Console,  iPod Dock, laptop lead, Mic, Large stereo amplifier, 4 speakers system = £150

4). The Mega DJ System - for large venues and outdoor events. Comprising DJ CD Mixing Console,  iPod Dock, laptop lead, Mic, 2 Large stereo amplifiers, 2 Sub bass speakers and mid top speaker system = £200

Add a high quality radio mic to your system for only £25

Add a Karaoke System to any of the above sound systems for £100. The Karaoke system consists of a laptop with tens of thousands of backing tracks, A stand with a display screen for the singers, 2 wired mics and a small mixing desk with echo/reverb effect.

Prices are for 1 day hire, call for discounted prices on longer hires. We are more than happy to put larger systems together and provide a bespoke fixed price quote. (Give us a ring or send an email)

Lighting Options

All lighting packages come with either Tripod stand(s) or DJ Stand with overhead lighting bar if supplied with DJ Sound system.

1). The Basic Light Package - 3 different complimentary lighting effects (usually supplied in pairs i.e. total of 6 lights) = £60 if taken with a sound package or £100 stand alone 

2). The Standard Light Package - 4 different complimentary lighting effects (usually supplied in pairs i.e. total of 8 lights) = £80 if taken with a sound package or £120 stand alone.

3). The Premier Light Package - 5 different complementary lighting effects (4 pairs and a multicoloured laser) = £100 if taken with a sound package or £150 stand alone.

4). The Ultimate Light Package - The Premier package + additional Tripod with either multi-coloured LED (Par can) Flood lights or a set of 8 floor Uplighters  = £120 if taken with a sound package or £200 stand alone. Ideal if you have a band that need lighting.

Lighting Add on's (these can be ordered individually with a sound package or added to one of the above lighting options.)

A). 4 x LED PAR Flood lights on a Stand  = Fully automatic providing floods of bright colours changing to the music = £50

B). 8 x floor LED uplighters = Includes all leads, lights can be set to a single colour or sound activated = £100

C. 1 x 3 colour laser and smoke machine = Fully automatic and very impressive with the smoke!* = £50

D). 2 x LED panels  = Very Bright colours and patterns, changes automatically to the music = £30

E). 2 x Impossibleds = Big bright pattens of multi-coloured projected light synchronised together to fill any room = £30

F). 2 x LED Twisters = The classic Disco lighting effect, spinning beams of multicoloured light activated by the music = £30

G). 1 x smoke machine (inc. 1 tank of fluid) = Turns most lighting effects from looking good to looking great. Comes with remote control = £25

H).  1 x snow machine (inc 1 tank of fluid) = Indoor or out create a snow storm at any time of year = £25

This is just a section of the effects we have available. If you have a specific lighting effect you would like, then we can usually supply these given at least 1 week's notice ( just give us a ring or send an email for a quote).

Delivery and collection terms and conditions

Delivery and collection is included with the price so long as the following terms and conditions are met.

1). The venue is within 15 miles of our base in Grandborough (near Southam) this covers the majority of larger towns in our immediate area. Additional miles will be charged at £1 per mile
2). The delivery location must be within 50m of a safe and suitable parking / unloading space.*
3). The venue is not up a full flight of stairs. (a few steps are OK)*
4). Delivery and collection can be made during daytime hours (8:30am to 6pm). (Collection is usually the morning of the day after the event)
5). Any failed delivery or collection attempts due to no access will be charged.

* If the venue requires additional manpower due to location then charges will be advised at the time of booking.

Full terms and conditions will be provided with your contract.