With over 30 years of Sound and Lighting experience, we can help to make your party a real success.

For many years there where only 2 options for music at a party, hire a DJ or book a band. Now we can offer a third alternative.............

Most people today have their music collections on IPOD's, MP3 players or laptops. It is a relatively easy process to create a playlist of your favourite songs in the order you would want them played. Even when programmed, it is simple to insert or change the list. This means that you are no longer dependant upon someone else having or knowing your taste in music or playing at a volume that is acceptable.

We will deliver, install, test and if required, demonstrate the equipement you have selected in plenty of time before your event. We will then dismantle and collect the equipment the following day. You will have no time pressures as to when you have to finish, if party is going well and the venue are happy for you to continue, no problem and no overtime to pay.

We offer a menu of sound and lighting options so you can select the most appropriate set-up for your event. It can be big and impressive, or small and unintrusive. You can tailor the set up to your budget with clear and simple pricing.

We are able to provide solutions for house parties right through to large events with several hundred guests. We cover Southam, Leamington, Warwick, Kenilworth, Rugby, Daventry and Coventry and all of the villages within this area. 

If you have any doubts or concerns then please do feel free to either call or email to discuss your requirements.